Your business has assets that need protecting. Whether you run a nail salon or a restaurant, you have commercial property that needs to be safe, secure and protected from the elements as well as from burglars, intruders or even competitors.


You name it; the safe is perfect for it! Many Aurora, CO businesses that are cash intensive use commercial safes to place cash until needed or until the manager or owner can bundle it and mark it for deposit. Credit card slips, receipts, vouchers, gift cards and other forms of currency can also be kept there until needed. Keeping too much cash in money drawers or cash registers is not smart and can be an invitation for robbery or even violence as burglars are eager for quick cash and a fast get away. Excess cash is also an invitation for an employee or even customers to “help themselves” when no one is looking. Why expose any of these people to temptation? A commercial safe is a perfect place to keep your money until it can be deposited in the bank or taken to another vault.

Currency is not all that can be kept in a commercial safe. Deeds, certificates, vouchers, receipts and other important documents can also be stored there. These can include insurance papers, warranties, medical records, accounting files, customer records, appraisals and more! Items like stock certificates, rare photos, leases and other legal documents all need a secure and dry place to be kept until needed. There are hundreds of types of commercial businesses and each one can benefit from having and using a well-built and installed commercial safe.


Hollywood often makes us think of wall safes, floor safes and other James Bond type of safes. Many firms indeed have and use these very safes. Here at Aurora Colorado Locksmith, we offer a vast assortment of commercial safes including different and varied models of the above. Some floor safes are designed to simply open with a combination lock and have just enough room inside to drop your cash deposits and coins in. A simple lid replacement and a quick spin of the lock and your money is secured until needed. Other forms include mailbox drop safes, rotary hopper safes, drop drawer safes, under the counter safes, deposit slot safes, fire and security safes and much more. Not sure which is right for your Aurora, CO business? No problem; just call our Aurora Locksmith Master shop and get one of our free commercial locksmith consultations. We’ll take the time to help you decide which of your many options is best for your firm and its needs. Along with your free consultation, we offer free, no-obligation price quotes and expert, fast service.


All businesses are unique and have different needs and requirements when it comes to protecting cash, valuables and other important documents. A fast food restaurant will have different cash protection needs than an art gallery where most transactions are done by credit card or wire transfer. Before investing in a commercial safe it’s best to evaluate just what you’re safe will be protecting. One example is the mailbox drop box safe. Many cash intensive firms use these so that employees can simply drop cash, receipts or other deposits without having to actually open a safe door or use a combination. Only senior managers or the owners have the ability to completely open the safe to remove its contents. This keeps deposited cash safer from employee theft, pilfering, and simple robbery as the staff doesn’t have access to the actual safe’s contents but can only make deposits.

Under the counter, safes can be installed so that staff has easier access and greater convenience without having to get inside the manager’s or owner’s office or floor safe. Does your business deal with data or other media devices? In this high-tech age, many firms now have to protect hard drives, flash drives, servers and other forms of valuable data and media information that is very susceptible to heat, theft, smoke and other forms of corruption. Media and data safes are becoming increasingly popular as they are temperature controlled and definitely worth investing in if you have valuable data that needs to be secure.  Other safe types include electronic safes, fireproof safes, biometric fingerprint safes, commercial gun safes and dozens more.

Yes, shopping for the right commercial safe can be a bit daunting. Be sure to read reviews from other safe buyers and owners and don’t be fooled by reviews put out by manufacturers as they usually slant their bias toward their own inventory. You’ll generally spend more money if you go through a brick and mortar safe store instead of calling a licensed commercial locksmith store here in Aurora Colorado locksmith  Be sure to inquire about delivery, installation and warranty coverage as they are often priced extra and quotes can be deceiving if these items are not included.  It’s always to a good idea to ask questions and let the safe professional locksmith know what kind of business you operate and just what you want the primary purpose of the safe to be. Don’t be afraid to let them know your budget requirements and just who at your firm will have access to your safe.

You can save valuable time and money by calling Aurora Colorado Locksmith and discussing your commercial safe needs with our experienced and licensed professionals.