Business Front Door Electronic Keypad

When you buy a car, they give you two sets of keys. That’s all you ever get. You are never given the option to get more. And if you buy a used car, there may only be one key because the other one has been lost over the years – or you are assuming it’s been lost. Working with Aurora Colorado Locksmith 24/7 can make a lot of sense because it allows you to get an extra set of keys.

You may want three sets of keys so that you, your significant other, and your child of driving age all has a set of keys to the car. A locksmith will be able to make an extra set or even change the key altogether by replacing the ignition cylinder. This way, if you bought a used car, you can have new keys for the car so you can trust that no one else has a key and can drive away with your car.

The process Aurora Colorado Locksmith 24/7 uses to provide you with an extra set of keys will depend on the year, make and model of your car as well as whether you just want an extra set of keys or if you want new keys made altogether. Some of the newer model cars use electronic keys, though it may still be possible to get keys.

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